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MUTE DATE is now available to watch
in the United States and in the United Kingdom!



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Mute Da



"Very enjoyable and thought-provoking!
A very different and unique tale that captures the imagination!"
- Shaun Jackson, The B Club


"Cody Clarke is a modern day Kevin Smith!
MUTE DATE is far better than almost anything you can buy
a ticket for at your local theater!"
- Jason Minton, The Headless Critic


"Mute Date is the very thing Hollywood needs right now: originality!
 The film molds comedy, drama, romance, and sci-fi into one giant, glorious sculpture!"
- Nathan Jasper, Sylva Movie Critic


"Funny and surprisingly dramatic!
Delightful lead performances and a story that will
hold your attention from beginning to end!"
- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic


"A solid 9 out of 10!
I’m blown away that Cody Clarke was able to
make this high quality a film on a $500 budget.”
- Cinema Toast Crunch Podcast


"An inventive drama!
Anthony Kapfer and Nina Tandilashvili are exquisite
at making on an unreal concept come to life!"
- Ryan Beaupit, The Circle of Film


"A fascinating premise! Very fun banter!
Anthony Kapfer and Nina Tandilashvili are incredibly likable!"
- You Call Yourself a Film Critic


"A fantastic story!
Very relevant, with lots of surprises!"
- Matt Zilic, Writer and Director of SWINE LAKE
and BOWL


"Funny as hell, thoroughly original,
and totally unexpected! What a cool movie!"
- Jack Perez, Director of SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE


"I loved MUTE DATE! I laughed my ass off!
A great commentary on how tech has slowly brought us
into rule-laden environments!"
- Rightbrain Kurt, RightBrain/LeftBrain Podcast


"If you want to see a good example of an indie movie
that stands on its own merit as a piece of art, see MUTE DATE!"
- Leftbrain Mike, RightBrain/LeftBrain Podcast


Mute Date (2019)

MUTE DATE (2019, 81 min.) takes place in the year 2020 and is the story of two people going on a blind date in order to beta test a groundbreaking new technology that enables them to communicate telepathically. Over the course of the date, their bizarre experiences with the product force them to contemplate the future that they, and humanity, are about to enter.

The film stars standup comedian Anthony Kapfer (Noah) and up-and-coming actress Nina Tandilashvili (Erica) as the date-goers. Their palpable on-screen chemistry and delightful back-and-forths are can't-miss—Cody Clarke's trademark witty-yet-natural dialogue absolutely sings through their clever, nuanced performances.

At times heady and at times light, Mute Date expertly rides the line between drama and comedy and is a well-made PB&J sandwich of both. This timely, thought-provoking, snappy science fiction film is sure to appeal to fans of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, as well as classic comedies such as Defending Your Life and Sleeper.

With sumptuous visuals and clever sound design, Cody Clarke shows the world that ultra micro budget films don't need to look, sound, or feel cheap. Whether you're new to his work or already a rabid fan, it will be hard for you to believe that a film this magnificent was made for less than $500!

MUTE DATE is currently avaialble to watch on Amazon Prime
in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is also available
on DVD on Amazon.

Unrated. Contains adult language and adult themes.


Fence Still


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Produced, Written, Directed
and Edited by
Cody Clarke

Associate Producers:
Joel Cargerman
Greg DeLiso
David Pittman
Chloe Pelletier
Billy Housh

Anthony Kapfer
as Noah R. Gutman

Nina Tandilashvili
as Erica Peters

Sarah Teed
as Harriet Miller

Anna Fikhman
as Supervisor

Cody Clarke
as Park Guy

Chloe Pelletier
as Park Gal

Mark Levy
as Tech Guy

Emily Roldan
as Woman with Purse

Adrienne Wagner
as Nurse

Marguerite Einhorn
as Ad Gal #1

Chloe Castiglioni
as Ad Gal #2

Jackie Lawrence
as Ad Gal #3

Elise Edwards
as Ad Gal #4

Julianne Wentz
as Ad Gal #5

Paris Andersen
as Ad Gal #6

Chloe Pelletier
as Ad Gal #7

Jared Baum
as Ad Guy #1

Cody Clarke
as Ad Guy #2

Robert Youngren
as Ad Guy #3

Camera and Sound by

Cody Clarke

Special Effects by
Cody Clarke

Special Effects Assistance by
Chloe Pelletier

Production Assistants:
Chloe Pelletier
Anthony Kapfer
Nina Tandilashvili

"Algae" and "Pretzels"
Written, Performed and Recorded by

Cody Clarke

"Egmont Oveture"
Written by Ludwig Von Beethoven
Performed by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech)

"Prelude in C, BWV 846"
Written by Johann Sebastian Bach
Performed by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech)

"I Can Feel It Coming"
"Digital Lemonade"
"Nouvelle Noel"
"Enchanted Valley"
"Jerry Five"
"Continue Life"
"Wagon Wheel"
"Bright Wish"
Written and Performed by
Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech)

This film is a

©2018 Cody Clarke